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Jenny has 4 years experience as co-founder of a WeChat marketing agency and software platform WalktheChat helping large companies (Deutsche Bank, Cisco, McLaren, Nestlé, Bosch, NFL, Transferwise, etc.) understand and use WeChat. Before joining WalktheChat, she was founder of EatwithChef, private dinning platform. Jenny graduated from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Contact Jenny: jenny.chen@walkthechat.com

China Jewelry Market Report 2023: Insights, Trends & Key Players – A Focus on Recovery, Fastest-Growing Brands, Luxury Hair Accessories Surge, and Evolving Consumer Preferences

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Highlights of China Jewelry Report 2023: In H1 2023, the fashion jewelry market contracted by -22% to 4.7 billion RMB compared to 2020. Post-pandemic, luckily we are seeing a slow recovery of 1% growth compared to 2022. Chinese firms showed resilience, while international brands bore the brunt of the downturn. Monica Vinader, Emporio Armani, Lola Rose, Agatha, and Gucci are among the fastest-growing international brands …

The AI Takeover in China: 9 Incredible Case Studies in E-commerce and Social Media

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China has been heavily focused on improving inefficiencies, leading to intense competition on even the smallest things. This phenomenon, known as neijuan (内卷) in Chinese, has been further intensified with the introduction of AI in the industry. Here are some AI use cases in China’s social media and e-commerce space. NetEase uses AI for creating product photoshoots, packaging design, and …

How much $ should a brand spend on social media marketing?

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As an agency that provides Tmall and social media services, the most common question that comes up throughout operation are: how much money should we spend on social media vs. Tmall?  I interviewed clients, other brands, agencies, and platforms to conclude with the following trend: The social vs. Tmall spending ratio varies widely among the brands we studied (from 80% …

Little Red Book (Xiaohongshu) Marketing – A Complete Guide

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Little Red Book, also known as Xiaohongshu 小红书, is the Chinese equivalent of Instagram. It’s the best platform to read about product reviews, share outfits of the day, learn about fashion tips, and discover high-quality brands. Since Little Red Book reviews could directly impact sales, it’s one of the most important social media channels for brand marketing. This is a …

How to test product-market fit in China via social media?

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Brands considering launching in China have many options to consider: opening offline stores, striking deals with local distributors, or working with a Tmall partner. Testing product-market fit via Chinese social media can be a lightweight solution that will save you millions. Why is testing digitally important? The Chinese market is unique in every way. You are at huge risk if …

Tmall advertising – A step by step guide

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Tmall has a massive display ads system divided into 16 Tmall advertising formats. Optimizing the spending on Tmall is one key operational tactic to increase revenue in China’s largest marketplace.  In this article, we will introduce: The major Tmall advertising formats How to create a strategy for each type of Tmall advertising What is a good ROI for Tmall advertising …

JD, Alibaba and Pinduoduo’s Strong E-commerce performance Post-COVID

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The pandemic has caused damages to the world’s economy, but for internet companies, it’s an opportunity for growth and expansion. JD, Alibaba, and Pinduoduo, the 3 largest Chinese e-commerce companies, have released their financial earnings last week.  More active e-commerce users as a lasting impact of COVID-19 The pandemic has changed the users’ behavior by forcing most people to stay …

Douyin stepping up in e-commerce game & 2 other news

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Douyin is pushing Douyin stores and starts to softly break ties with Taobao Douyin recently started to block a Taobao order management system, Qianniu 千牛, from accessing its Douyin store e-commerce data. Douyin launched Doudian 抖店, an order management system, similar to Taobao’s Qianniu at the end of 2019. It’s a comprehensive e-commerce system for merchants to create products, manage …