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Jenny has 4 years experience as co-founder of a WeChat marketing agency and software platform WalktheChat helping large companies (Deutsche Bank, Cisco, McLaren, Nestlé, Bosch, NFL, Transferwise, etc.) understand and use WeChat. Before joining WalktheChat, she was founder of EatwithChef, private dinning platform. Jenny graduated from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Contact Jenny: jenny.chen@walkthechat.com

How to sell fruits via Douyin?

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Fruits are one of the hardest products to promote online. They are perishable, a commodity good, and have no consumer loyalty. Yet due to their affordable price, fruits are one of the best products for impulse purchases on social media. Some fruits became extremely popular on social media. How did these fruits become online superstars? Product selection  These popular fruits …

2020 China Digital Marketing Trend

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Live-streaming, private traffic, and KOC defined the year 2019 for social media marketing. What’s the trend for 2020? Highlight of 2019 Live-streaming Taobao live-streaming made a big buzz this year. Taobao live-streaming Daily Active Users increased by 130% to 41.33 million during the Single’s Day. Top KOLs like Li Jiaqi and Viya made headlines of their record-breaking 1 billion RMB …

Taobao Live-streaming, RMB 100 million sales in 6 min

Tingyi Chen New WeChat features

“OMG! All ladies, buy it, buy it, buy it! “ This is the famous catchphrase of Li Jiaqi, the top-selling Taobao live-streaming host.  He just broke a stunning record during the Single’s Day pre-sale on October 21st: Record-breaking 100 million RMB of products sold within 6 minutes 5-hour live streaming Concurrent viewers reached 31 million 39 products, each was sold out …

New WeChat regulation on incentivized sharing and external links

Tingyi Chen New WeChat features

WeChat just released its most rigorous policy to date regulating incentived sharing and external links. The policy banned some of the most common campaign tactics. Here are some of the highlights of some of the new bans: Group buy campaign are highly regulated Incentivized App downloads Editing or re-use of user’s profile pictures or user information Sharing a link that contains …

Is WeChat getting into live streaming?

Tingyi Chen New WeChat features

WeChat launched a live streaming feature for Official Accounts. How does it work and is it the next big thing to sell your products? How does WeChat Official Account live streaming work?  How to create an Official Account Live Stream? Tencent Live Streaming team is still testing this new feature, and only a few selected KOL (key opinion leaders) were …

How to prepare for Double 11 on WeChat

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The Double 11 promotion starts from October 20th, 10 days earlier than last year. We expect a good fight between Pinduoduo and Alibaba. Other than getting ready on Tmall, Pinduoduo, and JD, here are a few WeChat marketing tips for your Double 11 preparation. Launch a new product 1 month before Double 11 1 month before Double 11 can be …

How to cross-promote between Tmall and WeChat?

Tingyi Chen New WeChat features

Let’s face it, you have to master both WeChat and Tmall in order to promote your brand in China. But most brands, even the largest ones, are struggling to perform well on both channels. Today we’ll dive into how to direct traffic and retain users between WeChat and Tmall. Why is it so hard to master both Tmall and WeChat? …