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Jenny has 4 years experience as co-founder of a WeChat marketing agency and software platform WalktheChat helping large companies (Deutsche Bank, Cisco, McLaren, Nestlé, Bosch, NFL, Transferwise, etc.) understand and use WeChat. Before joining WalktheChat, she was founder of EatwithChef, private dinning platform. Jenny graduated from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Contact Jenny: jenny.chen@walkthechat.com

2019 Social media report

Tingyi Chen New WeChat features

Tencent continues to lose market share in mobile time usage to Toutiao Back in the good old 2016, the Tencent ecosystem used to represent over 50% of the time Chinese users spent on mobile devices (source: Mary Meeker’s report). Now Tencent only takes up 42.9% of user’s time. This lost market share goes to Toutiao, the parent company of Douyin, …

What is WeChat Video Channels & Interviews with KOLs

Tingyi Chen New WeChat features

WeChat recently launched a short video feed called Channels… what do we think about it, and most importantly, what do Chinese Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) think about the new feature? WeChat Video Channels WeChat short video platform looks very similar to the Facebook timeline. Surprisingly, this means its UX is also very different from other short-video platforms such as Douyin …

Why is Kuaishou Better than Douyin for E-commerce Conversion & Social Engagement

Tingyi Chen New WeChat features

Kuaishou and Douyin are the two largest short-video platforms in China. However, due to the difference in their audience demographics, the 2 platforms have evolved quite differently:  Kuaishou has 3-5 times higher e-commerce conversion rates compared to Douyin Kuaishou is more likely to evolve as a closed e-commerce ecosystem while Douyin signed a strategic partnership with Taobao Kuaishou’s is more …

Amazing SaaS companies on WeChat

Tingyi Chen New WeChat features

WeChat provides a unique environment for many SaaS systems to thrive. (WalktheChat is one of them). During the last WeChat Open Class conference in Guangzhou, two SaaS companies really stood out… Qingcheng Tech  Around 2 years ago, I noticed most gyms I know around Beijing started to use the same system to handle member signup on WeChat. The system is …

WeChat decided to take the lead in e-commerce and search optimization

Tingyi Chen New WeChat features

WeChat released some impressive result during the WeChat Open Class last week: WeChat Mini Program’s daily active users reached 300 million 800 billion RMB of transactions happened via WeChat Mini program in 2019 WeChat launched Mini Program notice subscription template to replace template messages WeChat is planning to improve the user experience for accessing “short content”  WeChat will support the …

How to sell fruits via Douyin?

Tingyi Chen New WeChat features

Fruits are one of the hardest products to promote online. They are perishable, a commodity good, and have no consumer loyalty. Yet due to their affordable price, fruits are one of the best products for impulse purchases on social media. Some fruits became extremely popular on social media. How did these fruits become online superstars? Product selection  These popular fruits …

2020 China Digital Marketing Trend

Tingyi Chen New WeChat features

Live-streaming, private traffic, and KOC defined the year 2019 for social media marketing. What’s the trend for 2020? Highlight of 2019 Live-streaming Taobao live-streaming made a big buzz this year. Taobao live-streaming Daily Active Users increased by 130% to 41.33 million during the Single’s Day. Top KOLs like Li Jiaqi and Viya made headlines of their record-breaking 1 billion RMB …

Taobao Live-streaming, RMB 100 million sales in 6 min

Tingyi Chen New WeChat features

“OMG! All ladies, buy it, buy it, buy it! “ This is the famous catchphrase of Li Jiaqi, the top-selling Taobao live-streaming host.  He just broke a stunning record during the Single’s Day pre-sale on October 21st: Record-breaking 100 million RMB of products sold within 6 minutes 5-hour live streaming Concurrent viewers reached 31 million 39 products, each was sold out …