Social media operation with WalktheChat Marketing Intelligence

Beyond Action, We Create Impact. In partnership with your marketing and e-commerce teams, we forge deep connections, offering cross-channel insights to inform powerful, goal-aligned marketing strategies.

A.I.-powered Social Media Consulting

Discover the power of “Doris,” our exclusive AI tool, unlocking fashion trends with our advanced image recognition solution. We bring deep insights and actionable intelligence, tailored to elevate your brand in China.

Doris, our in-house A.I. Media Intelligence Platform

Image and video analysis for nuanced media categorization.

Extracting insights from social media discourse through advanced classification algorithms.

Unveiling consumer patterns and brand interactions with sophisticated data mapping.

Get concrete insights leveraging LLM

We use Large Language Models (LLM) to go beyond traditional data analysis: get actionable insights and recommendations for changes based on image recognition, text analysis & generative A.I.

Semantic analysis of influencer profiles

Submit a few profiles of influencers fitting your brand: our A.I. will sort through 80,000 profiles to find other relevant collaborations.

Reinforcement learning will enable the algorithm to learn from your feedback and continuously improve influencer suggestions


comments analyzed per brand


influencer profiles analyzed


clients worldwide


social platforms covered


Our customer list speaks for itself