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Set-up your own
WeChat shop

Create a WeChat store in a single click, with WeChat payment, UX & login

Create your WeChat
Official Account

Create your WeChat Official Account, even with a non-Chinese business license


Drive traffic
via WeChat

Use WeChat to drive traffic to your website and generate sales from China



Set up your own WeChat shop

Even if you don’t have a registered company in China, you can start selling within a few weeks via a WeChat store with cross-border payments

Create your store via our free 15 days trial, import your products directly from Shopify, Magento or WooCommerce, and start selling to China



Apply for a WeChat Official Account

A WeChat Official Account is the Chinese equivalent of a Facebook Page: it enables users to follow you and receive notifications from your brand.

You can also you use your account to handle login, sharing and payments, providing a smoother experience to Chinese users.

Drive traffic via WeChat

Chinese mobile users spend 1/3 of their online time on WeChat. It is the place to reach out to Chinese customers, even when their travel abroad

Advertise on WeChat in order to access 900 million users through the most engaging platform in China


Start Selling on WeChat with WalktheChat Today

With tools to enhance your current website or create a brand new store, selling in China via WeChat has never been easier