How to Create a Douyin (Chinese Tik Tok) Store?

Thomas Graziani Douyin

Douyin has recently been hitting the tech news because of its amazing e-commerce performance.

Luo Yonghao, a tech KOL, sold 168 million RMB (25 million USD) worth of products in a few hours during his 1st Douyin Live-streaming campaign.

But how can your brand set up a store on Douyin?

Step 1: create a verified Douyin account

The first step to creating a store on Douyin is to get a verified Douyin account.

First, download the Douyin App. You can then get the account verified via

We already created a detailed guide for Douyin Account Creation that you can access via this link.

Step 2: select your store type

Once your account is created, you’ll be able to access the Douyin store back-end, via the following address:

As you log into the back-end, you’ll be invited to select the type of store you want to create. There are four kinds of Douyin stores:

  • Basic store (普通店): These stores can be created by both individuals and companies. They can sell multiple brands and pick any name that is not going against Douyin naming policy (even without trademark). However, they are limited to four industries: sports outdoor, apparel (excluding underwear and swimwear), footwear, and kitchenware.
  • Flagship store (旗舰店): it is a store operated directly by a brand to sell its products
  • Specialty store (专营店): specialty stores are operated by a reseller of a brand that has been given distribution authorization. They can only sell products from this specific brand.
  • Franchise stores (专卖店): they can sell products from multiple brands but must provide a trademark for each of them. Franchise stores must represent at least 2 brands in each category in which they operate.

You can pick your store type based on your specific industry and requirements.

Step 3: get your store verified

Once you selected your store type, you will have to submit information for verification.

For Basic store:

  • Basic company information
  • Business License
  • Legal representative information
  • Legal representative ID
  • Store category
  • Store operator name and phone number

For Flagship store, you will need to add:

  • Trademark
  • Brand English name
  • Brand Chinese name

For Specialty store or Franchise store, you will need to add:

  • Reseller agreement

Once all of the information has been submitted, Douyin will usually provide feedback on your application within one working day.

What is the cost of operating your Douyin store?

You will have to pay a deposit to complete the verification of your Douyin store:

  • 500 RMB deposit for basic stores
  • 4,000 RMB to 20,000 RMB for Flagship, Speciality and Franchise stores depending on the industry (ex: 4,000 RMB for F&B, 10,000 RMB for fashion, 20,000 RMB for smartphones)
  • The deposit might increase over time depending on sales volume

On top of this deposit, Douyin will charge a 5% commission sales (technical fee). A 30-days discount to 1% commission can be offered to new merchants or high-value merchants.

How can you leverage your Douyin store?

A Douyin store will enable you to add an e-commerce link to your brand’s Douyin videos. E-commerce links can be embedded both in regular videos and in live-streaming campaigns.

Products from your Douyin store can also easily be added to any Douyin influencer campaign.

If you plan to promote your brand on Douyin (the Chinese version of Tik Tok), a Douyin store is, therefore, essential to maximizing conversion rates.

Need support to create your Douyin store?

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