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Chinese New Year Marketing: Luxury and Cosmetic Brands Are Redefining Strategies for the Modern Chinese Consumer

Tingyi Chen China Digital News, China Market Analysis, Douyin, Red/Xiaohongshu Marketing

Chinese New Year Marketing Ranking – Luxury Handbags and Shoes Industry Chinese New Year marketing engagements include both brand and organic content. Luxury Sector Chinese New Year Marketing Summary Insights  Offline artistic installations The recent Chinese New Year marketing campaigns by luxury brands have showcased a significant uptick in the deployment of offline artistic installations, a testament to the brands’ …

4 Tips to Optimize your Red (Xiaohongshu) Content Marketing

Shilin Song Red/Xiaohongshu Marketing

Red (Xiaohongshu) has become a must-do for domestic and international brands operating in China. However, treating your Red content the same way as Weibo content will not work. So how to plan your Red (Xiaohongshu) content marketing strategy to generate real engagement and followings instead of just talking to yourself? This article will give four practical tips to optimize your …

RED (Xiaohongshu) Trends 2022: emerging trends in Fitness, Fashion & Beauty

Shilin Song China Digital News

Since the pandemic in 2020, Chinese consumers have been adapting to the ever-changing external environment and adjusting their preferences, lifestyles, and purchasing decisions. Today we will share updated insights from Red Content Trends Report, to help brands better understand their audience in post-covid China and discover new opportunities underlying the challenges. In this article, we will explain: Red (Xiaohongshu) updated …