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A Look into Lululemon and Maia Active’s KOL Strategy on Red (Xiaohongshu)

Shilin Song Red/Xiaohongshu Marketing

Red (Little Red Book, or Xiaohongshu in Chinese) is already a must-do platform in China’s content marketing space. In this article, we will compare the Red KOL marketing strategy of 2 yoga brands: Lululemon and Maia Active. In addition, we will offer practical suggestions for international brands operating in China.  Why Red is perfect for sports fashion brands Red is the perfect intersection …

Tmall and JD went silent on Double 11 Sales: consumption trends are changing

Shilin Song China Market Analysis

The 14th Double 11 (also known as “Single’s Day”) concluded on November 11th at 24:00. It’s the first year eCommerce giants like Tmall and JD didn’t release total GMV (Gross Merchandising Value) data and growth rate. They have gone ambiguous about the figures, as the campaign took place against a weakened economy growth (3.9% YoY GDP growth in Q3), Covid …

4 Tips to Optimize your Red (Xiaohongshu) Content Marketing

Shilin Song Red/Xiaohongshu Marketing

Red (Xiaohongshu) has become a must-do for domestic and international brands operating in China. However, treating your Red content the same way as Weibo content will not work. So how to plan your Red (Xiaohongshu) content marketing strategy to generate real engagement and followings instead of just talking to yourself? This article will give four practical tips to optimize your …

Chinese Consumer Confidence & Consumption Drops: How should brand react?

Shilin Song China Market Analysis

COVID around China became a problem over many months this year, disrupting the supply and depressing consumer confidence. Businesses have now resumed in most cities but are still under the ever-present threat of lockdowns following the “dynamic zero covid policy”. As Chinese consumer confidence continues to drop, how should international brands react in a tough time like this? Chinese Consumer …

Sportswear market in China: growth rate and booming trends

Shilin Song China Market Analysis

China has been a crucial market for international sportswear brands. In terms of size, the US remains the largest sportswear market, with an estimated market size of $45 billion, but the industry’s growth rate is only 2.5%. In contrast, China’s sportswear market is the 2nd biggest market globally which exceeded 310 billion CNY (~43 billion USD), but the growth rate …

10 Fashion Trends in China: Where is the opportunity?

Shilin Song China Digital News

In the past year, all aspects of society have changed greatly: new cultures, aesthetic styles, and living standards are emerging. Nowadays, Chinese consumers pay more attention to the meaning and self-realization through each purchase. Gen-Zs yearn to express a unique attitude through what they wear. Douyin (the Chinese Tiktok) eCommerce analyzed platform data and published the Top 10 lifestyle trends …