China Double 11 Insight: Unpacking Social Discussion on Industry Leaders

Shilin Song China Market Analysis

The Double 11 Shopping Festival in China has just wrapped up. Although the eCommerce platforms didn’t reveal staggering sales figures as they used to, we observe quite lively social discussions before and after the event.

By analyzing the social discussions around Double 11, we can get a sense of who the winning brands are in driving engagement and traffic to eCommerce; we can also discover new shopping trends and consumer habits in China.

In this article, we’ll dive into the heart of Double 11 social discussion, by looking at these industry leaders:

  • Social discussion overview
  • Skincare & cosmetics
  • Apparel & footwear
  • Luxury
  • 3C (consumer electronics)
  • Home decoration & appliances
  • Others

The analysis is empowered by Doris, WalktheChat In-house A.I. Social Listening Tool.

Get ready to uncover the story behind the numbers and the evolving world of retail.

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