Handbag Micro Trend: Gen-Z and Millenials Embracing New Vintage Trends in China

Shilin Song China Market Analysis

As the epicenter of the worldwide luxury market, Chinese consumer preferences and tastes are constantly evolving.

In this report, our primary focus lies on the emerging New Vintage style, which experienced a remarkable surge in mentions (+8086%) on Xiaohongshu in July compared to the prior month. This analysis delves into various aspects, including the latest geographical distribution among consumers, age-related trends, and the influencing factors shaping luxury brand offerings. This encompasses a comprehensive study of color palettes, material choices, and experiential elements that resonate with China’s affluent demographic.

New Vintage in Fashion refers to new products designed with vintage elements, such as worn-out effects or with details from the 80s, 90s, or 2000s.

Trend pursuers in Beijing and Shanghai are the major consumer groups: they contribute 34% of the total engagement related to the “New Vintage” trend on Red, surpassing the whole province of Guangdong, which ranks No.3.

Gen-Z and Millennials are no doubt the vanguard of the New Vintage fashion movement. Chinese netizens have been quick to experiment with this new style, brining New Vintage into their everyday looks.

Gen-Z and Millennials comprise 82% of the engaged audience, with a male audience taking a substantial share of 18%.

Handbags with denim and patchwork or shapes resembling retro styles are beloved by New Vintage lovers. Such styles can be found in brands such as Chanel, Miu Miu, Jellytoyboy, and more.

Another trend worth noticing is the usage of silver metallic bags and throwback denim street fashion. Such style is boosted by 109% in Tmall search volume during the first half of 2023.

By creating a contentious contrast between denim retro style and silver metallic Sci-Fi feeling, this look effortlessly became a favorite among the chic and young. Balenciaga is, without a doubt, the trend leader in this futuristic style.

Worn-out leather is also gaining traction with the fashion-forward youth. Luxury brands like Miu Miu, and rising premium brands such as Alienaire, Acne Studios, and Dirty Six all have published iconic handbag styles featuring worn-out leather.

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