Handbag Micro Trend: How Ita-Bag is Winning Chinese Female Gen Alpha

Shilin Song China Market Analysis

In this report, our central focus revolves around the burgeoning Ita-Bag style, which has witnessed a consistent surge in mentions (+95% per quarter) on Xiaohongshu over the past year.

We delve into the essence of Ita Bags and explore the factors contributing to their popularity, particularly among the Gen-Z and Gen-Alpha demographics.

This analysis encompasses an in-depth examination of various facets, such as the current geographical distribution of consumers, age-specific trends, and the influential elements that mold luxury brand offerings.

The analysis is empowered by Doris, WalktheChat In-house A.I. Social Listening Tool.

Itabag is literally translated as “painful bag” in Japanese. It refers to bags that are adorned with an extensive array of anime or manga merchandise.

In Japanese, the word “painful” (itai) can describe an extreme devotion or obsession. Thus, these specially decorated bags, which showcase an individual’s intense passion, have come to be known by this name.

There are several ways to create your own Ita-Bag.

You can either seek the expertise of a professional Ita Bag craftsman or take the DIY route by purchasing a bag and decorating it yourself.

Chinese consumers will usually buy a bag that is easy to customize, for example, with spaces to put plush toys and badge placement. 

Although most Ita Bags are made with affordable bags, we observe some affluent young consumers embracing the practice of adorning their Chanel,  Louis Vuitton, or Dior handbags with beloved characters, proudly expressing their intense passion and distinctive personalities.

Ita Bags have found their strongest following among females from the Gen Alpha and Gen Z demographics, with a particular stronghold in affluent Southern Coastal regions, including Guangdong, Zhejiang, Shanghai, and more.

How can brands capitalize on the burgeoning trend among young and passionate consumers? Incorporating a PVC layer or transparent design provides ample room for creativity and customization, offering an enticing opportunity for brand engagement.

When it comes to materials and colors, Ita Bags in lighter shades, crafted from PVC or canvas, reign supreme among ACG enthusiasts. Denim, known for its versatility and durability, also stands out as a savvy choice for these passionate fans.

While the majority of Ita Bags are fashioned from affordable handbags, there are intriguing instances of enthusiasts transforming designer brands or luxury handbags into these unique creations.

Especially in Asian countries with a vibrant ACGN culture, incorporating Ita Bags into daily attire is far from taboo; rather, it’s embraced with enthusiasm. Young girls adore using Ita Bags as a colorful accessory to complement their cute outfits.

Besides, another common occasion for Ita Bags is Theme Parks, which resonate with people’s delightful childhoods.

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