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Thomas is the co-founder of WalktheChat, a leading software developer and agency focused on WeChat and other Chinese social networks. Thomas was previously part of the marketing & strategy department of Schneider Electric in  which he spearheaded the work on Smart Cities and Smart Grid for the company in China.  Before joining Schneider Electric, he was a consultant at the Boston Consulting Group during  which he worked on projects across various industry including banking, supply chain and  pharmaceuticals. Thomas is a graduate from the Judge Business School of the University of Cambridge and  holds an engineering degree with a specialisation in Applied Mathematics and Operational  Research from Ecole Polytechnique in France.  Contact: thomas.graziani@walkthechat.com

WeChat iBeacons: why it doesn’t work, and how to fix it.

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A few months ago, Tencent pushed heavily connected objects to its platform. In an attempt to achieve the much-desired “O2O integration”, it unveiled new features such as a special “shake” feature enabling to access content from nearby connected objects. Yet, iBeacons just do not take-off in China, and it is mostly because of Tencent’s choices. What are iBeacons? iBeacons are …

Apple Watch + WeChat: how Apple is trying to seduce China

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During Apple March event, Tim Cook unveiled a variety of new products and features, from the new Macbook Air to an Open Source toolkit for medical research. But what stood out for viewers out there was the repeated attempt to seduce Chinese customers. An unexpected beginning The first frame of the Apple Keynote yesterday was more than unexpected: Yes, before …

WeChat voice recognition on public accounts: how to do it.

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The WeChat voice recognition account “Chumen wenwen” (出门问问)- “Go out and ask” is carrying a simple function: you can ask him any kind of questions an he will answer (what is the weather in Beijing, what supermarkets are there around Zhongguancun, etc…). This high-tech function is actually easy to develop. Indeed, few people know that WeChat certified service accounts come with …

WeChat gives away 500 million RMB during “Chunwan” evening

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500 million RMB were given away yesterday during “Chunwan”, the most popular TV program on earth which was viewed by about 800 millions people. Chunwan is the show broadcasted on Chinese New Year by the official Chinese TV Channel CCTV, and watching it is a tradition for most families across China. Which requirements? 3 key requirements were set for users …

WeChat connected objects: not such a good idea?

Thomas Graziani New WeChat features

WeChat has done a tremendous jobs so far at connecting people in China via its online messaging and social features. It is now working hard to add new dimensions to this experience, via online-to-offline interactions, and WeChat connected objects. But what are the risks and drawbacks for hardware manufacturers to integrate with WeChat? What kind of WeChat connected objects exist …