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Thomas is the co-founder of WalktheChat, a leading software developer and agency focused on WeChat and other Chinese social networks. Thomas was previously part of the marketing & strategy department of Schneider Electric in  which he spearheaded the work on Smart Cities and Smart Grid for the company in China.  Before joining Schneider Electric, he was a consultant at the Boston Consulting Group during  which he worked on projects across various industry including banking, supply chain and  pharmaceuticals. Thomas is a graduate from the Judge Business School of the University of Cambridge and  holds an engineering degree with a specialisation in Applied Mathematics and Operational  Research from Ecole Polytechnique in France.  Contact: thomas.graziani@walkthechat.com

Shipping to China for Cross-Border E-Commerce: a Simple Guide

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Frequent readers of our posts may have already learned how to set up your e-commerce presence in China and generate traffic to their WeChat store. We’ll now deep-dive into a common problem of vendors selling to China: logistics and shipping to China. Can my product be shipped to China? Click here Cross-border trade and FOREX Click here Custom clearance Click here Direct shipping Click here …

Tencent Annual Report 2018: Stagnating Gaming Revenues, Payments & Ads Growth

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Tencent just released it’s Q4 2018 financial report and 2018 annual report. The report provides insights about the overall strategy of Tencent, and the future of WeChat and QQ. Financial growth Tencent continued on a steady growth of revenue: revenues reached nearly 85 billion RMB, a healthy 28% YOY increase. The company however delivered disappointing profits of 14 billion RMB …

Taobao Launches Mini-program to Compete Against WeChat

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If you search for “Starbucks” (“星巴克”) on Taobao you might be in for a surprise. Instead of simply seeing a link to Starbucks’ Tmall store, you will see a menu linking you to a “Starbucks Mini-program” experience within Taobao. The search also shows 4 tabs leading to different sections of the “Mini-program”. When opening the mini-App, the interface looks like… …

How much money do influencers earn in China vs. elsewhere?

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It is a well-known fact that every other teenager in China wants to become an “influencer”, “KOL” or “WangHong” (网红): a social media personality with a large following and glamorous lifestyle. But how much do influencers make in China? And how does that compare to the revenues of Western influencers? Revenues of influencers outside China Instagram influencers The average rate …

Why Does WeChat Block Competitors, While Facebook Doesn’t?

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On Tuesday 15th of January, WeChat blocked 3 competing Apps on their launch day: Liantianbao (聊天宝) – formerly called Bullet Messenger, Duoshan (多闪) – launched by Tencent’s archenemy ByteDance, and Matong MT (马桶MT) – launched by Ringo.AI. Is this approach to competition specific to WeChat? To the Chinese market? And how do Chinese and Western companies differ in their growth strategies? …

Weimob IPO – a peek into the biggest WeChat 3rd party solution provider

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With a reported 15.3% market share, Weimob is the largest provider of WeChat solutions for small and medium companies in China. The Tencent-backed company filed for its Hong Kong IPO on the 31st of December 2018. The data disclosed provides an interesting outlook into the world of WeChat 3rd party solution providers. Weimob performance Weimob has shown very positive performance …

WeChat Mini-programs Attracted 4.3 billion RMB of Funding in 2018

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According to a recently released Newrank.cn report, from the 1st of January to the 14th of December 2018, WeChat Mini-programs attracted 4.3 billion RMB of funding, as part of 130 different funding rounds. This is 6 times more than the amount in 2017. Let’s have a closer look at this Mini-program investment boom. Investment focused on e-commerce and services Most …