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Thomas is the co-founder of WalktheChat, a leading software developer and agency focused on WeChat and other Chinese social networks. Thomas was previously part of the marketing & strategy department of Schneider Electric in  which he spearheaded the work on Smart Cities and Smart Grid for the company in China.  Before joining Schneider Electric, he was a consultant at the Boston Consulting Group during  which he worked on projects across various industry including banking, supply chain and  pharmaceuticals. Thomas is a graduate from the Judge Business School of the University of Cambridge and  holds an engineering degree with a specialisation in Applied Mathematics and Operational  Research from Ecole Polytechnique in France.  Contact: thomas.graziani@walkthechat.com

From 0 to 10M RMB – Case Study of Songmont

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Niche brands, such as Nanushka, Rouje, Jil Sander, Stussy, have been extremely popular in China for the past few years, and many niche brands have their eyes on China. This article will analyze Chinese niche brand Songmont went from 0 to 10 million RMB of sales in their local market. 👜 Brand overview Songmont is a premium local Chinese handbag …

What is Douyin Payment? A Simple Guide

Thomas Graziani New WeChat features

In the middle of January 2021, Douyin – the Chinese version of Tik Tok – launched a new feature: Douyin Payment. With more than 600 million Daily Active Users (DAU’s), Douyin is a content powerhouse in China. But will it manage to stand out in the payment market? What is Douyin Payment? Douyin payment is a payment option provided to …

How to Create a Douyin (Chinese Tik Tok) Store?

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Douyin has recently been hitting the tech news because of its amazing e-commerce performance. Luo Yonghao, a tech KOL, sold 168 million RMB (25 million USD) worth of products in a few hours during his 1st Douyin Live-streaming campaign. But how can your brand set up a store on Douyin? Step 1: create a verified Douyin account The first step …

[Hiring] Recruitment Specialist position in Beijing – WalktheChat

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Company Mission WalktheChat’s core mission is to launch brands in China using social and digital channels. Most of our clients are fashion, handbags, cosmetics, and jewelry brands with high-potential of success in the Chinese market Position summary The Recruitment Ninja’s responsibility is to ensure that the WalktheChat team is and remains a team of A-players. The Recruitment Ninja must fine-tune …

[Hiring tips] 7 Ways WalktheChat Finds New Talent

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Since the beginning of 2020, WalktheChat experienced accelerating growth: we became the first Shopify Sales Channel enabling sales to China, started offering Douyin and Kuaishou marketing services to our clients, and expanded our Tmall operations. This growth came with a lot of pressure on our operations team. We quickly realized something: our recruitment process wasn’t on par with the company’s …

WeChat Mini Programs reach 829 million Monthly Active Users

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WeChat has recently been under fire, suffering from intense competition from short video platforms Douyin and Kuaishou. There is however one bright spot for the largest social network in China: WeChat Mini Programs are still booming, both in number of users and engagement rates. Growth and engagement WeChat Mini Program Monthly Active Users (MAUs) grew from 743 million to 829 …

5 Niche Platforms to Promote Your Products in China

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The largest Chinese marketplaces and platforms are already famous abroad: WeChat, Tmall, Red, JD.com, or Douyin don’t need further introduction. But beyond these super-platforms, there exist a large number of niche channels that can help foreign brands sell to China. Need help listing on one of these channels, or would you like to discover more channels to promote your brand? …