Little Red Book new feature: “guaranteed” exposure for sponsored content

Shilin Song China Digital News, Red/Xiaohongshu Marketing

In early April 2022, Red/Xiaohongshu launched a new marketing feature, “performance optimization mode” (in Chinese: 优效模式) for sponsored content. The tool ensures that the sponsored content performance surpasses 80% of the KOL’s recent posts and guarantees a baseline impression for your collaboration campaigns. Have some unanswered questions about your Red/Xiaohongshu strategy? Get in touch with us! Why do we need …

Alibaba Launches “Taibang” to Grab China’s Young Consumers

Shilin Song China Digital News

The China eCommerce giant Alibaba started testing a new eCommerce App “Taibang” (态棒). It focuses on the pop culture and street fashion beloved by young generations, according to Taibang aims at introducing original domestic designer brands to Gen-Z and millennials with the slogan “Made in China with Attitude.” Youth-oriented fashion eCommerce Compared to Taobao and Tmall, Taibang integrated more … the future of China’s B2C market?

Leung Muk Wun (Kristie) China Digital News

When talking about B2C platforms in China, Alibaba is usually the first name that comes to people’s mind, seldom do people think of, the largest retailer in China aiming to compete with Amazon on a global scale. While the middle class is expanding fast in China, Chinese consumers are paying more attention to the quality and authenticity of goods, …

China’s coffee wars: How Luckin Coffee & Coffee Box plan to take on Starbucks

Claire Chu China Digital News, WeChat news

As foreign companies in China go, Starbucks is an unique case. Traditionally a land of tea, China was exposed to the specialty coffee culture in 1999 when Starbucks opened their first shops in China’s larger cities. The coffee chain essentially faced no serious competition in China in the early years, and effectively established itself as a daily routine for white-collar …

What is Secoo? Discover China’s premium lifestyle hub

Claire Chu China Digital News

Secoo is China’s biggest luxury e-commerce platform. It also offers offline experience centers for shoppers. Here are some highlights of Secoo: Secoo is listed on Nasdaq with $704.808 M market cap as of August 2018 Secoo listed 300,000 SKUs, covering over 3,000 global and domestic brands Gross Merchandise Value reached RMB1,119.5 million (USD$178.5million) for Q1 2018 306,100 orders in Q1 …