China’s trendy eCommerce App Dewu (Poizon) Bets on Video Content

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Dewu (Poizon) is a social eCommerce app where trend-pursuing Chinese millennials and Gen-Z love to socialize and shop. Observing that 70% of daily usage time is spent on watching videos, the App just launched “Video Account” to further leverage the trend, and help creators and brands to better engage with followers and potential customers.

Dewu Poizon China trendy social ecommerce app

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What is Dewu (Poizon)?

Dewu is the global market leader in the C2B2C model, similar to combining solutions like B2C eCommerce, C2C transactions of trendy items such as sneakers and watches, anti-counterfeiting authentication, online Q&A, and other community services.

Up to May 2021, Dewu has 81 million Monthly Active Users, with a growth rate of 8%. Among its 12 million Daily Active Users, more than half are millennials. The App also has a healthy gender distribution of 52% male / 48% female. (Source: Meritco Group)

Early this year, Dewu decided to push video content. “Recently, the number of videos published on Dewu has grown six times. People spend 70% of their time on the platform watching video content.” According to Xianbei, Dewu community manager (Source: Newrank)

Which brands are on Dewu (Poizon)?

Many domestic streetwear brands or trendy fashion brands have made their official presence on Dewu. For example, Guochao (in Chinese: “国潮,” China-chic) leader PCMY launched a store in March 2020 and reached 50 million RMB GMV (Gross Merchandising Value) in the same year. Other popular brands such as Hey-Tea, Perfect Diary, and Pop Mart also started to invest marketing efforts on this platform.

Consumers can also find international brands such as Nike, Coach, Balenciaga, Off-White, Y-3, Dr.Martens, etc. (source: Dewu official website)

How does Dewu eCommerce work?

After a consumer place the order and it arrives at Dewu, Dewu will first inspect the product to make sure it’s authentic. The item will go through a preliminary inspection, authentication, and tamper-proof packaging before it’s shipped to the final consumer.

Along with standard product descriptions and consumer reviews, Dewu also offers a 3D view and AR try-on effect. The product is also linked to recent live streaming from KOLs who will explain you everything about these shoes.

Dewu Poizen brand and livestreaming

What is Dewu Video Account?

On Dewu, You will find videos about sneakers, fitness, fashion, beauty, and other trendy topics. 

Dewu started as a sneaker eCommerce platform, but nowadays you can find other diversified content on Dewu. According to Newrank, other categories such as fitness and relationship are representing more than 50% of the content on Dewu. Especially these days when quite a few Chinese cities are under lockdown again, online fitness videos have become a trendy topic for social platforms such as Dewu, Poizon, Red and so on.

There are at least two pieces of videos on one page, occupying around half of the visible content. There is also a dedicated entrance for video content on top of the recommended channel. 

Benefits of Dewu Video Accounts

According to Dewu, “Video Account” will enjoy coupons, platform traffic support, prioritized review, collaboration with brands, and other benefits. You have to meet the below requirements to apply for a “Video Account,” which are easy to get: 

  • Creator level >= Lv1
  • Have published no fewer than five videos of more than 15 seconds 

Creators can get actual returns by publishing qualified video content.

Sneaker KOL (Key Opinion Leader) “耘硕说鞋” has been on Dewu for five years and has recently applied for Video Account. With more than 15 million followers on Dewu, he can get more than 100k views per video and a cash benefit of more than 10k RMB per month. (source: Newrank)

If you are a niche brand that matches Dewu’s vibes, working with video KOLs on Dewu can quickly boost your brand awareness and introduce your brand to more potential customers.

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