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Company Mission

WalktheChat’s core mission is to launch brands in China using social and digital channels. Most of our clients are fashion, handbags, cosmetics, and jewelry brands with high-potential of success in the Chinese market

Position summary

The Recruitment Ninja’s responsibility is to ensure that the WalktheChat team is and remains a team of A-players.

The Recruitment Ninja must fine-tune WalktheChat’s recruitment process, ensure a steady flow of A-players interviewing for WalktheChat, and monitor performance of new team-members after they joined us.

Recruitment Specialist performance objectives

  • General target: ensure the steady recruitment of A-players inside WalktheChat’s team
  • Performance profiles review: during the first 2 weeks on the job review the performance profiles of all WalktheChat positions (this document is a performance profile) and suggest improvements. Ensure that the performance profiles include clear metrics that can be tracked after candidates are hired in order to assess their performance. Set-up systems in order to track these metrics.
  • Fine-tune WalktheChat’s interview process: during the first 4 weeks on the job, review, and suggest improvements to WalktheChat’s interview process. Define objective criteria to evaluate candidates during interviews. Design processes to make it convenient and intuitive for interviewers to keep clear and detailed records of interviewees’ characteristics. Review the interviewing style of WalktheChat’s employees, and provide guidance in order to increase the accuracy of each interview round. Review case studies given to candidates, and improve their content and format to deliver better insights. Continuously improve the process as time goes by. Ensure 95% of recruitment accuracy (percentage of candidates who make it past the 2-months trial period)
  • Manage relationships with headhunters: provide feedback to headhunting agencies in order to improve the quality of candidates sourced. Triple the number of high-quality candidates sourced through headhunting agencies within 3 months. Reduce cost-per-candidate from headhunting agencies by 30% by negotiating better deals with better agencies.
  • Improve inbound listings of WalktheChat: optimize job postings of WalktheChat on our .com website, WeChat Official Account. Ensure maximum visibility of these listings and benchmark their performance.
  • Manage WalktheChat’s spending on recruitment platforms: analyze various marketing options, both inbound and outbound, on recruitment platforms such as Boss, Liepin, etc. Carry-on “experiments” on these platforms starting with a small budget in order to source quality candidates. During the first 4 weeks on the job, suggest short-term and mid-term actions on these platforms and estimate the associated budget required.
  • Carry out outbound recruitment actions: proactively reach out to candidates via LinkedIn or other relevant channels in order to create an in-house supply of candidates. Benchmark the results of this approach compared to headhunters and inbound requests in terms of candidate quality, cost, and on-the-job performance after hiring. 6 months after joining WalktheChat, provide suggestions to adjust recruitment strategy based on the results obtained.
  • Screen candidates and schedule interviews: carry on the initial interview with new candidates, and help schedule interviews with other WalktheChat teammates.
  • Track candidates’ performance after recruitment: after candidates are recruited, continually track their performance in collaboration with WalktheChat’s management. Based on new recruits’ performance, analyze the correlation between on-the-job performance and candidates’ scores during interviews. Based on these results, continuously fine-tune the interviewing system.

Other relevant information

  • Our main office is in Beijing (Dongzhimen area).
  • WalktheChat is profitable and self-funded.
  • We offer flexible working hours and remote working options.

Company culture

Our culture is dedicated and open. We expect team members to be excited by our mission and dedicated to the company’s success. We offer a lot of flexibility in terms of working hours: it is common for our colleagues to takes time off whenever they need or to work from a foreign country for a few weeks. We offer a clear vision, and then leave a lot of freedom. We, therefore, expect new teammates to be driven, independent and ready to go the extra mile.


Apply via hr@walkthechat.com.

Referral program

We offer a 10,000 RMB referral fee to anyone who introduces us to a candidate that we hire. We will pay the referral fee after the candidate completes the 2-months trial period.

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