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Tingyi Chen

Jenny has 4 years experience as co-founder of a WeChat marketing agency and software platform WalktheChat helping large companies (Deutsche Bank, Cisco, McLaren, Nestlé, Bosch, NFL, Transferwise, etc.) understand and use WeChat. Before joining WalktheChat, she was founder of EatwithChef, private dinning platform. Jenny graduated from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Contact Jenny: jenny.chen@walkthechat.com

Interview with the man who created 3 top ranking WeChat Mini Programs

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​Creating the most popular Mini Program is like an impossible task. Brian Ru, the founder of Xiaoniangao, created not just one, but THREE Mini Programs that ranked on the top 30 list! This is no coincidence. No. 1 Mini Program – Xiaoniangao The main Mini Program is Xiaoniangao (小年糕+, literal translation into Little Rice Cake), it kept the record as the No. …

China’s First-time Internet User Data Report

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As we are sitting here within the 5th ring road of Beijing, it is hard to imagine that 40.4% of the Chinese population still doesn’t have access to the Internet. As this population gains access to the mobile Internet at a faster pace, it generates tremendous opportunities for entrepreneurs and marketers. Penguin Intelligence published the 2019 China Internet Trend Report. …

Community Group Buy – the next billion dollar e-commerce industry

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The social commerce space never lacks innovation. A new type of location-based social model called Community Group Buy is changing how people engage in grocery shopping. Here is the monthly Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) of top community group buy platforms according to eburn.com: Xingshen Youxuan 兴盛优选 – 370 million RMB Shixianghui 食享会 – 210 million RMB Niwonin 你我您 – 200 …

The cross-border payment war of WeChat Pay and Alipay

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During 4 years helping brands sell to Mainland China via WeChat, we collaborated with many cross-border payment gateways. These gateways are authorized by Alibaba, Tencent, and Union Pay to provides a cross-border payment solution for foreign businesses. Most of these payment gateways cover specific countries or regions, and some provide a one-stop-shop to leverage WeChat Payment, Alipay, Union Pay and …

A Super Bowl for Chinese tech companies- The Spring Festival Gala

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The 5-hour long Spring Festival Gala (AKA Chunwan) is the most-watched Chinese TV program, with over 1.17 billion viewers and 30.07% viewership rate in 2019 according to CCTV. In comparison, the Super Bowl’s record-high viewership was only 114 million (in 2015). Just like the Super Bowl, the Spring Festival Gala has become a competition for advertising sponsorship. The cost of …

New e-commerce law of China: how will it impact Daigou, Taobao, and WeChat stores?

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We received many questions from clients and readers asking about the effects of the new e-commerce regulation in China that became effective from January 1st, 2019. Many worry that individuals will no longer be able to run WeChat stores anymore and that daigous will no longer operate their Taobao stores. We look into the regulation and here is the summary: …

Taobao integrates with Xiaohongshu to move into content generation

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On November 27th, Taobao started integrating with Xiaohongshu on its product description page. Earlier in May 2018, Alibaba led the 300 million USD funding round of Xiaohongshu. The marriage of the 2 platforms is inevitable. But how exactly will this impact the social commerce space? Taobao’s first attempt to connect to Xiaohongshu The “Mega-Mashroom treatment lotion” from Origin was one …