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WeChat partnerships outside China: 5 case studies

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In a previous article published on our WeChat account we described how WeChat was driving its international expansion via focusing on East Asia and Africa as its first target growth markets. Today we will, through five examples, deep-dive on WeChat partnership strategy in seizing these markets: by partnerships with strong local and global players. Easy Taxi in Malaysia, Thailand and the …

Marc Zuckerberg needs WeChat to find friends in Tencent ad

Thomas Graziani WeChat news

An ad for WeChat in South Africa depicts Marc Zuckerberg consulting a therapist about his friends unfriending him. The therapist prescription to solve his problem is of course none other than… WeChat In a clever follow-up to this ad, the therapist is faced with lawyers “sent by Mark” and suggests he should use WeChat stickers to “express his emotions” and …

WeChat releases “enterprise accounts” to manage companies’ internal processes

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They had been announced for a few months already, and here they are: WeChat just opened a third category of public accounts (on top of subscription and service accounts): enterprise accounts (企业号). What are Enterprise accounts? Enterprise accounts are meant for the internal management of a company’s operations through WeChat. As such, they have high visibility, high security and more …