Pinduoduo: a Close Look at the Fastest Growing App in China

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Chinese “dama” (literally, big mamas) are budget-savvy shoppers most eager to snap up a good deal. They do most of the shopping for the family, and fortunately, they know just the place to score bargain-basement prices on everyday items, with discounts as deep as 90% off (look for overripe fruits that don’t last another day). On one condition: whip up …

Zhihu: China’s Largest Q&A Platform is a Content Marketer’s Dream

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“If you have a question, search on Zhihu,” they say. This may best summarize the biggest knowledge sharing platform in China, whose 7-year-old database boasts over 100 million answers. Bottomline, being a Q&A website, the ability to provide useful and trustworthy answers means everything. To a knowledge-seeking crowd, Zhihu is a goldmine for useful and high-quality content, where “worthless” answers …

6 Examples of Successful Douyin Marketing Campaigns

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Where did the last hour go? You notice you are scrolling through a feed again, with no memory of opening the app. A cute puppy on Douyin grabbed your attention, bringing a burst of happiness so brief it’s addictive. Conveniently you swiped up to a bottomless feed of 15-second videos, from people (often attractive young females) eating/making food, doing passionate …

WeChat Impact Report 2018 shows impressive social impact

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The WeChat Impact Report 2018 is out! Among the highlights: WeChat-driven information consumption reached RMB 209. 7 billion WeChat accounted for 34% of the total data traffic of users WeChat drove RMB 333.9 billion traditional consumption, covering travel, food, shopping, tourism, etc. WeChat contributed the employment of 20.3 million persons in 2017, more than twice the 2014 figure The number …

Study of 151 Chinese Unicorns shows Beijing #1 City for Startups

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A unicorn is a privately held startup company valued at over $1 billion. Although the term was coined in order to express the rarity of such companies, they are getting more common, especially in China. Let’s study unicorns in one of their most common habitats. Some of the highlights: Most of Chinese unicorns are located in Beijing (66 out of …

WeChat Mini-Programs are getting traction in China

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Today, we put together data from several mini-program reports showing impressive growth: Time spent on WeChat Mini-programs daily went from 1.6 minutes per day to 9.8 minutes per day in a year 87% of WeChat mini-programs users spend more than 200 RMB per month through them Majority of WeChat mini-program users are now female users

Meituan – China’s biggest lifestyle O2O service provider

Tingyi Chen China Digital News

Meituan, a company focused on providing lifestyle O2O services, is planning on its IPO aiming to value at 60 billion to 80 billion USD.  The company was valued at 30 billion USD during its last funding round in October 2017, ranking Meituan behind Xiaomi and above Airbnb. Lately, Meituan made some bold moves: Going head to head against Didi on …