How to sell on WeChat with Youzan? The ultimate guide

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In this article we’ll learn how to sell via Youzan. We are picking Youzan as the largest WeChat shop platform in China. Many large WeChat accounts (such as Luoji Siwei) use Youzan as their main e-commerce channel. So let’s get started What do you need to get started on Youzan? In order to get started on Youzan you’ll need: A …


10 best WeChat campaigns of 2017

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Forbidden City & Tencent Imagine Zhu Yuanzhang, the emperor of Ming Dynasty, come to life from an ancient painting and start singing rap, taking funny selfies and posting on his WeChat Moments. This is a campaign launched by Forbidden city in collaboration with Tencent team to promote Next Idea, a creativity competition.  It went viral on WeChat hours after its ...

WeChat mini-programs are already losing traction

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This week, a set of news about WeChat and the digital ecosystem of China: Mini programs are already losing traction You can now send and receive gold on WeChat New data shows Alipay red packets get beaten by WeChat… and also by QQ! WeChat Mini Programs losing traction Mini Programs have been launched only a few weeks ago, on January 9th, …


[Infographic] A new record-breaking year for WeChat red packets

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Tencent said they wouldn’t participate in the “Red packets” (红包 / Hongbao) war this year (they didn’t spend a dime giving away money to users) …well, they won it anyway! Key highlights: 14.2 billion red packets sent in 24 hours, 76% year over year growth 760,000 were sent in 1 second Guangdong is the province which sent the largest number of …


WeChat H5 Data Report 2016

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Datastory and MAKA released the 2016 WeChat H5 Data Report. Some highlight includes: Average conversion rate of H5 campaign is 4.1% Average pageview of H5 campaign increased 27% year over year 60% of pageview comes from WeChat Moment Storytelling is the most popular type of H5 Data was collected from 100,000 H5 campaigns made using MAKA. Disclaimer: MAKA’s H5 templates are simpler slide …


What is WeChat Payment? A Simple Guide

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What is WeChat payment? WeChat payment is a payment solution completely integrated inside the social and messaging application of Tencent: WeChat. It appears in the "Wallet" section of the application. Through the wallet section and the integrated browser of WeChat, users can perform a variety of transactions using WeChat Pay, including and not limited to: Transferring money to friends (especially ...

7 reasons why you don’t need to develop a WeChat mini-program

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There was a lot of buzz this week over the launch of WeChat mini program. Everyone from TechCrunch to Forbes keep praising the new Tencent feature. Mashable even describes mini-programs as “beating Google to the punch”. Let’s see why these assumptions are all deeply, deeply flawed… What’s the hype? So what’s the promise of WeChat mini-programs? Enabling you to access applications …


Data reveals 84% of WeChat account managers make less than 10k RMB / month

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The WeChat analytics website Newrank just released a new survey of 1,032 social media account operators (“Self-media” or “自媒体”) in China. Who are they? How much do they make? How do they generate revenue? All of the answers are below! Who are they? The survey reveals that social media account operators in China are: Majority male (74.1%) Pretty new to …


[Infographic] WeChat Daily Active Users reach 768 Million.

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New WeChat Data just released! Here are some highlights: Daily Active Users reaches 768 million, a 35% YOY increase Average users send 74 WeChat messages per day US the the favorite travel destination for WeChat users Average users takes 5900 steps per day Average users send out 28 red envelopes Average uses’ monthly red envelope amount is 580RMB  


Chinese Digital Year In Review 2016

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2016 is drawing to an end. Here is Chinese digital year in review 2016. 2016 is the year of live streaming Uber China lost the war against Chinese taxi hailing company Didi. Apple’s iPhone market share drops to 7%. WeChat fails to expand to international market. WeChat and Alibaba had another red envelope war during the Chinese new year Chinese …