What is WeChat Payment? A Simple Guide

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What is WeChat payment? WeChat payment is a payment solution completely integrated inside the social and messaging application of Tencent: WeChat. It appears in the "Wallet" section of the application. Through the wallet section and the integrated browser of WeChat, users can perform a variety of transactions using WeChat Pay, including and not limited to: Transferring money to friends (especially ...

7 reasons why you don’t need to develop a WeChat mini-program

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There was a lot of buzz this week over the launch of WeChat mini program. Everyone from TechCrunch to Forbes keep praising the new Tencent feature. Mashable even describes mini-programs as “beating Google to the punch”. Let’s see why these assumptions are all deeply, deeply flawed… What’s the hype? So what’s the promise of WeChat mini-programs? Enabling you to access applications …


Data reveals 84% of WeChat account managers make less than 10k RMB / month

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The WeChat analytics website Newrank just released a new survey of 1,032 social media account operators (“Self-media” or “自媒体”) in China. Who are they? How much do they make? How do they generate revenue? All of the answers are below! Who are they? The survey reveals that social media account operators in China are: Majority male (74.1%) Pretty new to …


[Infographic] WeChat Daily Active Users reach 768 Million.

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New WeChat Data just released! Here are some highlights: Daily Active Users reaches 768 million, a 35% YOY increase Average users send 74 WeChat messages per day US the the favorite travel destination for WeChat users Average users takes 5900 steps per day Average users send out 28 red envelopes Average uses’ monthly red envelope amount is 580RMB  


Chinese Digital Year In Review 2016

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2016 is drawing to an end. Here is Chinese digital year in review 2016. 2016 is the year of live streaming Uber China lost the war against Chinese taxi hailing company Didi. Apple’s iPhone market share drops to 7%. WeChat fails to expand to international market. WeChat and Alibaba had another red envelope war during the Chinese new year Chinese …


Are Weibo shops the future of social e-commerce in China?

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Weibo is dead? That’s the most common misconception in social media in China. Weibo has been showing very healthy signs of growth as of Q3 2016: MAU grew 34% year-over-year! So, who are the largest accounts on Weibo, and how did they do it? Let’s have a look! Weibo as an e-commerce platform Everyone heard about WeChat Pay, WeChat shops …

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Case study of Uncle Tongdao: 3 years, 5 million WeChat followers, and 300m RMB valuation

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Uncle Tongdao, a WeChat Official Account about astrology just had an exit at a RMB 300 million valuation. The founder and ex-CEO, Cai, Yuedong cashed RMB 217 million ($31.42million) for his 72.5% share. Meisheng Culture is the investor. How can a WeChat Official Account be worth that much? Turns out, saying Uncle Tongdao is a WeChat Official Account is a huge under …


“We were wrong”, Alipay apologies for listing sexual explicit content

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Last week, Alipay released a new feature called Circle (圈子). Within hours of its launch, female students started to post sexually explicit pictures to get comments from wealthy users with high credit score. The feature immediately got huge media attention and triggered discussions on all social medias. Alipay later apologized for its wrongdoing after facing criticism from the Chinese government. Interestingly, …

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4 news about WeChat and E-commerce in China

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WeChat will soon launch pay-to-read feature Tencent has recently been testing a new feature which allows authors to post a preview of their article, and request readers to pay in order to read the full version.  This new feature enables writers to collect a fee between 0 to 200RMB for a post.  The preview needs to be no less than …

Tencent Q3 result

6 things to remember about Tencent quarterly results

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Tencent just released its results for the third quarter of 2016. Given the company’s dominance in Chinese social space, these are much awaited news. What are the highlights? We break it down for you. WeChat is still booming The one statistics that stands out among these quarterly results is the healthy growth of WeChat. The social network records a 30% …