WeChat Official Account: a simple guide

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WeChat Official Account are drawing a lot of interest these days, as WeChat has risen to dominate the Chinese social media space (Chinese users spend ⅓ of their smartphone time on WeChat). But what are WeChat Official Accounts? What are the differences between the various types of accounts? How to create them? Can foreign companies have them? These are the …

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WeChat index released, Tencent FY2016 financial result and Baidu lost its A.I super star Andrew Ng

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AI superstar Andrew Ng leaves Baidu On the 20th of March, Andrew Ng, the superstar A.I researcher (and co-founder of Coursera, where his course about machine learning gathers more than 30,000 extremely positive ratings)  who was heading Baidu’s Artificial Intelligence unit in Silicon Valley left Baidu. If his departure message published on Medium suggests that “everything is for the best in …

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Bike war: how Silicon Valley is copying Chinese innovation

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For any resident of major Chinese cities, it has been hard to avoid the war going on between bike sharing companies Ofo, Mobike, Bluegogo and the like. Each backed by Chinese Internet giants, they are tearing themselves apart to win China’s new prized market. But this war has consequences beyond China. It spawned the creation of similar startups outside China. …


How to create a WeChat store for free with Weidian

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Weidian is the biggest free platform to create WeChat shops. In this article, we’ll show you how to create a WeChat shop via the website Weidian. We’ll learn what makes a successful WeChat shop and learn how to create it, design it and take payments from it. As explained in the course description: If you want to withdraw payments made …


Alipay for foreigners: how to create an account?

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Update: this guide was initially published on the 8th of February 2015. We updated it on the 7th March 2017 to reflect changes in the registration process. Thank you to Alipay for providing guidance on the new registration process. It is not exactly a WeChat related topic, but following popular demand, we will show you the application process on Alipay …


How to change WeChat Official Account without losing followers

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A problem has been plaguing companies on WeChat for years: the inability to change WeChat Official Account from one business entity to another. If you wanted to sell your account, or somehow change legal entity, you would have to create a new WeChat Official Account and start follower acquisition from scratch. Businesses could face a huge risk, especially if they relied on third …

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How to create the best WeChat article title? The 3 rules that you should follow

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The average open rate of WeChat Official Accounts is 5%. And if you are operating a subscription account, the window of opportunity for users to notice your article is only 1-2 seconds (the time the article title appears in preview in the chat page). After this short delay, your message will likely be buried under hundreds of other accounts’ update. You can …


How to sell on WeChat with Youzan? The ultimate guide

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In this article we’ll learn how to sell via Youzan. We are picking Youzan as the largest WeChat shop platform in China. Many large WeChat accounts (such as Luoji Siwei) use Youzan as their main e-commerce channel. So let’s get started What do you need to get started on Youzan? In order to get started on Youzan you’ll need: A …


10 best WeChat campaigns of 2017

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Forbidden City & Tencent Imagine Zhu Yuanzhang, the emperor of Ming Dynasty, come to life from an ancient painting and start singing rap, taking funny selfies and posting on his WeChat Moments. This is a campaign launched by Forbidden city in collaboration with Tencent team to promote Next Idea, a creativity competition.  It went viral on WeChat hours after its ...

WeChat mini-programs are already losing traction

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This week, a set of news about WeChat and the digital ecosystem of China: Mini programs are already losing traction You can now send and receive gold on WeChat New data shows Alipay red packets get beaten by WeChat… and also by QQ! WeChat Mini Programs losing traction Mini Programs have been launched only a few weeks ago, on January 9th, …