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Leung Muk Wun (Kristie)

What is Weibo? And how to use it to promote your brand in China.

Leung Muk Wun (Kristie) New WeChat features

Weibo used to be the one-and-only social platform in China – it has since been overshadowed by WeChat and newer entrants such as Toutiao or Douyin. Is Weibo dead, dying, or is it actually secretly striving? A brief history of Sina Weibo Weibo is usually known as the Chinese version of Twitter. In Chinese 微博(Weibo) means microblogging. After Evan Williams …

Xiaomi: the future of China’s hottest hardware company & company overview

Leung Muk Wun (Kristie) New WeChat features

Recently, Hong Kong’s securities regulator and market operator together enabled a reform of Hong Kong’s listing rules in order to ‘lure’ technology companies that wish to sell equity with multiple classes of stock, allowing founders to keep outsized voting rights. Xiaomi was one of the first large technology company to have filed for IPO in Hong Kong Stock Exchange market …