6 best resources to learn about WeChat

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When we meet our readers in real life, one question keeps coming back: where do you get all the data you are publishing?

Today, WalktheChat opens the kimono: discover our sources, and start following them first hand. But don’t worry! We’ll still be around to give you an extra layer of insights!


Newsrank.cn is the “barometer of WeChat accounts”. You can see which ones are successful, which ones are growing, and see the information based on different categories.


What you will find there:

  • A dashboard with most successful accounts (organized by industry)
  • A list of the most successful WeChat articles (organized by industry)
  • Monthly reports about WeChat accounts reading rates and trends
  • Ability to purchases Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) messages


Data Story (数据故事)

Data Story writes reports regarding all data-related things: you will find everything in it, from the ranking of the latest box-office to in-depth WeChat data analysis


What you will find there:

  • In-depth reports about WeChat reading times
  • Data about efficiency of H5 WeChat campaigns
  • Comprehensive reports about WeChat integration in the banking industry
  • And much more…


WeChat Public Class (微信公开课)

WeChat Public Class is a great platform to hear about the latest news about WeChat. On top of reports and infographics, you will be kept informed about the latest developments of the platform.

What you will find there:

  • Announcement for new feature released
  • Infographics and reports (ex: WeChat payment impact on society)
  • Case studies (ex: WeChat payment integration at KFC)

WeChat Jam (微果酱)

WeChat Jam is publishing analysis about WeChat features and strategy. Very similar to the “WalktheChat” style of articles.


What you will find there:

  • Analysis about WeChat trends
  • Case studies (ex: How to build a million-followers account: interview with MK)
  • General insights about digital marketing (52 people working in traditional medias explain why they resigned)


Penguin intelligence

Penguin intelligence is the official data platform from Tencent, it publishes in-depth reports about the Chinese mobile ecosystem at large.

What you will find there:

  • In-depth reports and fresh data about Tencent ecosystem (ex: WeChat public accounts: what type of articles get the most attention from readers?)
  • Many infographics and graphs about mobile ecosystem in China (ex: iPhoneS sales in China)
  • Data about digital marketing customer behavior (ex: do customers prefer hongbao or discounts?)


WeChat Public Account official platform (微信公众平台)

This is the official platform from Tencent for WeChat official accounts. The new big feature releases are all announced there.


What you will find there:

  • Official feature releases from Tencent
  • Announcement about new regulations / terms of use of WeChat


WeChat Ads official platform (微信广告助手)

Another official platform from Tencent, this one is focused on advertising features from WeChat.

What you will find there:

  • Official feature releases about WeChat ads (ex: new back-end for Moment ads…)
  • Case studies about latest ad campaigns from WeChat


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