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Tingyi Chen New WeChat features

Yesterday, WeChat releases a mobile version of their Official Account content management system (WeChat CMS). Now you can simply manage your WeChat official account from your phone.

What can you do with this mobile WeChat CMS?

You can use this version of CMS to the the three following things:

1. Check message and reply to users

WeChat CMS

Although this made it so much easier to reply to the message, here is a couple of cons:

  • This version of CMS only display the message history in the past week.
  • It does not support displaying the picture your users send to you.
  • You do not get notification when user send you the message.

These features are likely to be improved in the next release.

2. Push message

With this CMS, you can push three things:

  • A message previously written on the desktop CMS and saved in your message database (however, you cannot compose a message with pictures from this CMS)
  • Picture
  • Text

WeChat CMS 2

3. Check message history

It is a simple display of all the message you’ve sent in the past, with the number of views and likes. However, this version of CMS does not have data analytics function.

How can you access it?

You can access the account through a WeChat official account (WeChat id: mphelper), or through the following QR code.

WeChat CMS7

To manage your account, simply click on the menu.

Other WeChat CMS that we recommend

WeChat CMS is not a new topic, a lot of third party has already developed systems with advanced functions. Here are two platforms that we recommend.

1. Media Manager (新媒体管家)

This FREE CMS App has all the function the official WeChat mobile CMS has. Some of the better functions:

1. All of the conversation history is stored with no time limitation. This is  huge plus for account operators wanting to store all the history of user requests.

2. You can compose a message with pictures and media files. You may also reply with voice message.

WeChat CMS 2

3. The APP releases articles about the latest changes of WeChat platform within the APP.

wechat cms 3

4. You can manage multiple WeChat account with this backend without having to logout.

5. A very interesting function:

This App makes it simple to create a QR code of your WeChat account with a finger print sign. You can put this picture at the end of your article and user and press and scan it.


6. It includes data analytics about your articles

WeChat CMS

App store: 新媒体管家

2. Grata

If you are looking for an English CMS that is focused on manage customer service messages (on a computer),  Grata is a good choice.  (The first 20 monthly active users are free, and there is a service fee depending on the number of MAU).  It comes in three languages: English, Chinese and Malaysian.

You can build a library with pre-composed messages, including a link to third party websites and send it to your customer directly. The back-end also integrates with popular API’s such as Dianping.


3. Dodoca (点点客)

Dodoca is a CMS gives you all the options to manage WeChat backend, as well as advanced functions like:

1. building a WeChat website with templates.


2. Setup WeChat shop


3. It also give you the options like  managing coupon, delivery order management, WeChat wifi connection, Hongbao/red envelope creation.

However, Dodoca is not free.



Mobile CMS is a big step WeChat took to make life easier for official account owners. However, with the limited function it offered, we still has along way to go to have a truly user-friendly official CMS. Meanwhile, official account owners can look for third-party CMS solutions to manage your WeChat account.


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