How to easily set up a menu in your WeChat public account

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Setting up a WeChat menu can enable users to easily access content about your company or articles you want to share with your customers. Setting up a menu used to require some technical skills, but WeChat now made it easy for you: it is likely you can set it up without any external help (although many companies are still charging large amounts of money for this simple service)

Which kind of accounts can enable a menu?

There are two kinds of accounts which can access the menu function:
– Certified subscription accounts
– Service accounts (whether they are certified or not)

The short answer is therefore: you need a local company (Chinese company or WOFE, or to be a certified media) in order to install a menu in your account. The simplest way is to have access to a business license.

If you don’t have a WeChat public account yet, click here to create your WeChat public account (Chinese only).

How to create a menu?

Once you created your service account or you got your subscription account certified, you will see a “menu” icon appear on the top left of your public account screen.


You can create 3 first-level menu items, and for each of them 5 second-level sub-menu items.


It’s now time to create content to add to your menu: go to the message creation section and create new “图文信息” (text & image messages)


You can then go back to your menu, click on each item and link them either to one of the messages you just created, or not an external webpage (make sure the webpage displays well on mobile and fast enough for WeChat user standards)


Congratulations, you set up your WeChat menu by yourself!

What should be included in the menu?

Many companies now use the menu functionalities of WeChat, and having one is not enough to be very differentiated.
How to create a mini-website which maximises the growth of followers and sales conversion? How to set up the right analytics to monitor the long-term performance of the mini-website? How to add more advanced functionalities such as voice recognition or geo-localisation? How to include ads in your WeChat public account?
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