Which day and at what time should you post your WeChat articles?

Thomas Graziani New WeChat features

This week, we bring you a WalktheChat “mashup” of two great reports published by Henkuai.com and TrustData about WeChat and e-commerce in China.

Highlights are:

  • The optimal posting time and days for WeChat are finally revealed! Read on to learn more.
  • WeChat makes up for 20% of the time users spend daily on mobile APP’s
  • Taobao still dominates the mobile e-commerce space with 253M MAUs on the Taobao APP
  • eLeMa is winning the war against Meituan and Baidu Waimai with 22.1 MAUs
  • XiaoHongShu leads the cross-border e-commerce APP market with 2.27M MAUs

WeChat Reading Habits

The data released by Henkuai.com paints an extremely clear picture of when to post on WeChat. It reveals both when other accounts post the most, and when users read the most. You can identify the sweet spot: with a lot of reads, but little competition.

According to the released data:

  • The best days to post are weekends (Saturday and Sunday)
  • The best time to post is early morning (6am to 9am) or late evening (8pm to 1am)



WeChat Red Envelopes



WeChat payment continue to gain market share against Alipay. The payment war is very competitive and largely influenced by incentives and promotions. 12% of users chooses to use both payment method within the same day.





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