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Are WePay and Alipay going to kill banks?

Laure Li New WeChat features

According to Accenture, competition from PayPal, Alipay, WePay and the likes could reduce traditional bank revenues by one third by 2020. This phenomenon represents a major challenge to the banking sector, as one quarter of banks’ revenues are generated from processing payments. Let’s look deeper into it. 1) The Banking System: How banks make money? Let’s first have an overview of …

What can Western marketing managers learn from WeChat?

Laure Li New WeChat features

Western companies such as Facebook, Twitter and SnapChat have recently been striving to find new ways to monetize their user base. With nearly 13 billions in revenues, 90% of which come from “value added services”, Tencent is a great role-model for these Western tech giants. So what can be learned from WeChat? 1) How are American messaging apps walking in …