How can businesses process Alipay payments via WeChat?

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Alipay account with WeChat

With the tension between two Internet giant Alipay and Tencent heated over the Hongbao war on Chinese New Year, the two companies have entered into a “freeze-out” period in which you can no longer access Alipay owned websites like Taobao, Tmall and Xiami (popular music app) though WeChat.   A lot of clients ask us if we can help them to process Alipay payments via WeChat. The short answer is, yes.

You cannot access Alipay through the WeChat browser.  All of the connections from WeChat to Alipay are blocked. All but one access: Mobile Website Payment Account (手机网站支付).

Note, this is not the same as Alipay Mobile, it is a specific pass companies need to apply to connect Alipay with their website.


  • You need to have your own e-commerce site or APP (Taobao, T-mall or other e-commerce site does not count). If you don’t have a site yet, you need to have the demo (In the format of .ipa .apk .xap .doc .docx .dpf )
  • Your website needs to have an ICP license. (Antique, jewelry, and luxury product and financial/investment product cannot apply)
  • A verified Alipay business account.


  • You can directly integrate Alipay with your mobile website or APP.
  • Can be used in most operating system including Android and iOS.
  • This is the only path you can access Alipay though WeChat as of today (March 4, 2015)

Why not use WeChat payment directly?

  • If you can use WeChat Payment, it remains a very smooth use experience via WeChat, so you should see Alipay as a way to complement the breadth of payment options you are providing to your users
  • For some companies, the application to WeChat payment can be complex and using Alipay can provide a way to test out e-commerce payments if they can’t meet the tough constraints associated with opening a WeChat Payment company account.


Transaction amount/year Fee
< 100K Free
100K-1000k 1.5%
>1000k 1.25%

Apply to Alipay Mobile Website Payment Account through here:

Alipay business hotline number: 0571-88158090

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