Our WeChat Shop Manager will take care of your store, ensuring smooth operation & transparent reporting


Store setup

Get your store ready to sell


WeChat Account Management

Keep your account active


Customer service

Make your customers happy

Product upload & updates

Your store manager is responsible for coordinating the initial upload of your products to your WeChat store, and maintaining the store over time.

Managing product upload, translation and reporting, we ensure the consistency between your product data inside and outside China.

Customer service

Your store manager can provide 24/7 Mandarin-speaking customer service to your WeChat and Weibo followers.

This support can cover answering both pre-sales and post-sales questions, and handling product returns and refunds.

Over time, WalktheChat will build an expanding knowledge base about your brand which will ensure smoother and smoother customer service experience.

Monthly reports

Your store manager will give you monthly reports about your store performance and interaction with customers.

In particular, feedback from the store manager will help you to gather valuable customer feedback about your products and overall end user experience.