Make sure your store design is perfect for Chinese customers


Banner design

Get yourself a perfect homepage


Product design

Improve your product descriptions


Page design

Introduce your brand the right way

Banner design

Enticing banners are an essential parts of structuring your WeChat shop home page.

Through localized design and relevant action calls, banner design can increase your store click-through rate.

Product page design

Whereas Western product page design generally consists of only a few pictures and a brief product description, product page design in China requires much more attention.

Product page design in China usually includes a lot of design elements, presenting the production in an appealing way, along with how to use it, how it was produced, its specifications and certificates.

WalktheChat design support can help you craft your product page design in order to maximize conversion rates.

Custom page design

Your WeChat shop should also includes more context about your brand: its history, values or manufacturing processes.

Custom pages are also a perfect place to give customers a better understanding of their buying experience: what are the shipping times, refund conditions and other FAQ’s.