WeChat analytics are an essential tool to make sure your WeChat investment brings real value to your brand in terms of visibility, traffic and sales.

What do we mean by WeChat analytics?

WeChat delivers a lot of statistics about the performance of your WeChat account: number of views, re-shares, information about your followers (their gender, location, devices they use), the way followers found your content, and much more.

And it goes much farther than that: because your WeChat APP is hosted on your server or on WalktheChat’s server, there is plenty of additional information we can get about users: which page does each user view the most? How much time does each user remain on each page? How many pages does each user visit? What pages are most likely to see an user exit your WeChat APP? We can help you define the right metrics. In terms of what we can measure: the sky is the limit.

WeChat analytics

WeChat: the key to integrated analytics

One of the key issues of analytics in the modern multi-device world is that users can be exposed to your brand via a vast variety of different platforms: phone, tablet, laptop or APPs.

WeChat analytics can be a bridge between all of these platforms: when your users access your WeChat APP, they are identified by their WeChat ID. The same ID can enable them to sign up on a website via scanning a QR code, or to log onto your APP via a simple click. You will then have one version of the truth: you will know your users across platform and provide them with an extremely convenient method of identification.

Who are your WeChat influencers?

WeChat analytics also enable you to identify the influencers within your network.

Each time an user shares content from your WeChat APP or from a specific WeChat campaign, we can measure it. This give us information of outstanding value: who are your most influential followers? Who are they connected with? How does your message spread through your network?

By collecting this information, we can also reward these influencers: give them exclusive content, special discounts; in other words: empower them to further become your brand’s embassadors.

WeChat influencer

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