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Key Opinion Leaders Selection

Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) are the most efficient channel for Wechat advertising.

They enable to promote your brand through a trusted voice which will bring social proof and help convince customers to purchase your products.

We will select the most appropriate Key Opinion Leaders for your brand in order to launch your first WeChat advertising campaign

Tailor your message

We’ll work with the KOL to ensure that the message shared will maximize conversion rate for your brand.

Successful WeChat KOL campaigns usually rely on soft promotion: interesting articles with a subtle mention of your brands and a clear call to action (QR code)

WeChat advertising

Get traffic to your WeChat shop

The KOL WeChat advertising campaign will drive traffic to your store, thus creating the opportunity for sales.

The endorsement from the KOL will have a positive impact on the conversion rate. This is a significant advantage, in particular for brands which are new to the Chinese market.

Measure ROI

We provide real time reports about the performance of your WeChat advertising campaigns and the growth of your account.

So you know your exact return on investment and make sure you make the most out of your WeChat presence.

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