WalktheChat event about WeChat viral marketing this Thursday 23rd of October

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We are thrilled to organise, this Thursday 23rd of October in Beijing, an event to help companies and individuals learn more about the complex and often misunderstood topic of viral marketing. Read further if you are interested!

What is the event about?

Our viral marketing event will show you that viral content is not simply the fruit of a random choice of its audience, or the reward of “cool” content. Whatever is the platform or medium you are expecting to use, we can help you get your content viral.

There are principles to making your content viral, patterns which can be followed, and we invited speakers to cover the three main aspects of viral marketing in China:
Jim Fields, managing director of Studio Output will tell you all about how to get your videos viral in China.
Abby Yi, educational game maker, will give insights on which characteristics of games make them enticing, or even addictive
Thomas Graziani, co-founder at WalktheChat, will share with you the 5 principles to make your WeChat content viral
When is it?

This Thursday 23rd of October, 7pm. The event will most likely run until 9pm at least, including some networking opportunities.

Where is it?

We have the pleasure of being hosted within the tremendous Meridian Space venue in Beijing. The modern and elegant design of Meridian Space will be the perfect setup in which to hold an event about the future of marketing!

Meridian Space, near Zhangzizhonglu / Dongsi tube station.
C&C Park, No.77, Meishuguan Houjie, Dongcheng, Beijing
北京市东城区美术馆后街77号77文创园 时差空间

If you have trouble finding this venue, you can call Meridian Space directly at this number in order to ask for help: (0) 10-51600496

Not sure I’ll make it on time, can I come in late?

Yes, there will be time provided between the speeches for Q&A, and after the speeches for networking, so feel free to drop by even if you can’t make it at 7pm sharp

How to get an invitation?

WalktheChat event is an invitation-only event. The only way to get invited is to share the WeChat event slider and have 3 friends joining our account:
– Add WalktheChat account on WeChat (in official accounts, id: walkthechat)
– Say “Viral” to our account
– You will receive a slider describing our event
– Share the slider on your moments (the message title should become “Click and help *your name* get an invitation to WalktheChat’s Viral marketing event”)
– You will automatically receive notifications and an invitation as your friends add our account

Is it completely free?

Yes, this event is completely free. Even better than that: if you add 6 friends or more to our account, you will actually get a free drink!

Will there be any edition outside Beijing?

We are considering making an edition of this event in Shanghai, so stay tuned if you live there! (by following our blog or our WeChat account: WalktheChat)


If you have any question, feel free to ask them via e-mail (info@walkthechat.com) or by speaking directly to our WeChat account.

Looking forward to seeing you on Thursday evening!

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