2017 Single’s Day sales data, 39% YOY growth on Tmall

You’ve been waiting for them. Here they are: the results of this year’s latest Single’s Day insane buying craze!

Double-11 scored an impressive 168 billion RMB on Tmall. The GMV reached 10 billion RMB within first 3 seconds!


This represents a 39% increase over last year! (while double-11 sales increased of “only” 32% between 2015 and 2016).

Guangdong, Zhejiang and Jiangsu ranked as the top-3 provinces in terms of transaction volume:


Tmall released the top 50 best-selling oversea brand on it’s cross-border platform. Sport, cosmetics, leather goods, footwear and month & baby categories are all dominated by oversea brands.

Consumer electronic stores led the way in terms of best-selling stores during Single’s day:

Other stores performed extremely well:

The success of Three Squirrels also shows the extent to which Single’s Day give opportunity to new brands to make a headway over established competitors: the startup from Anhui is only 4 years old and yet managed to be the best-selling F&B store of Double-11!

The flagship store of 3 squirrels, the best-selling F&B brand of Single’s day

JD.COM’s GMV reached 127.1 billion RMB for Single’s Day

JD, the biggest competitor to Alibaba announced its 100 billion RMB GMV for its Single’s Day promotion, counting from Nov 1st to the morning Nov 11th.

A fight over numbers between JD and Tmall

Alibaba and JD.com have been engaging in a harsh social media fight during the Single’s day.

The reason for that fight? JD.com announced it had surpassed 100 billion RMB GMV results on 7:46am November 11th, one hour earlier than Alibaba.

The problem with that number? JD.com started counting on the 1st of November… (beginning of the Single’s day promotion period)

It therefore took JD.com more than 10 days to achieve the GMV that Tmall reached in only 9 hours.

Prior to Single’s Day, JD also accused of Alibaba forcing merchants to run exclusive promotion on Tmall platform. The competition between the 2 giant e-commerce players is only getting stronger.


The largest e-commerce festival in China shows no sign of slowdown. It actually got back to accelerating growth!

Although a lot of the top-selling stores are high-profile brands, some very new startups made their way all the way to the top. Single’s Day is also a good opportunity for new entrants in the Chinese market to catch customers eye, and accelerate their growth through the rest of the year.